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7 you say, “Oh, I just cant stand that person. I don't like him at all.” Thats not what God would say. Perhaps we don't like that person because we see that he’s got some type of sin in him, but if we’re looking at a person in God’s eyes and looking at this person in the perfect way that we should be seeing God and man, seeing man in God’s image and likeness, then we know that sin is not apart of man because he is apart of God. If you know you’ve done something wrong, as God’s child, you’d want to stop doing that, you'd want to stop sinning and just be a child of God and be good. Be loving, be kind, be thoughtful. You don't want to say ugly things about anybody. Another synonym we have for God is divine mind and the opposite of that is mortal mind, which thinks of ungodly things. In God’s image and likeness, we reflect this perfect mind and so that mind is just filled with love. Sin is really unreal and we feel the same way about sickness and that’s how we heal.” JL: “If man is incapable of sin, sickness, and death, like Mary Baker Eddy said, then why do people die?” CV: “Well sin is bad, and it’s not part of God’s child and death is unreal. We live forever. We are immortal ideas of God. We live forever, even after we don’t live in this physical body anymore.We still have our spiritual being, which is our true self, with that we live forever with God.” JL: “So when you say the bad things don't exist... how do you feel about murders, robberies, and things of that nature? Do they not exist either?” CV: “I think it’s terrible and of course it should not happen, but it’s not of God so it’s not real. Because the only things that are real are God and his truth, his love, and wonderful acts. It’s just like sickness, that’s not real, because we’re perfect children of God. So a murder is no more true 

8 than being sick. Anything that isn't like God Doesn't exist in reality


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