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Biblical Studies - Samuel

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Samantha Darwak

Written Assignment #3

        This passage portrays Samuel’s prophetic role greatly. Samuel is giving his farewell address to the people of Israel. He states first how he has not defrauded, oppressed, or stolen from the people of Israel to show how much of a respected and honorable leader he is. He then goes on to explain how the Lord has aided the people of Israel by sending Moses and Aaron to retrieve them from Egypt. The Israelites have turned their backs from the Lord and have sinned. When the Lord’s wrath had become too much, they cried out to the Lord for forgiveness and he had forgiven them. This happened more than once, and that is why Samuel is advising them to not go against the Lord. He is very prophetic because he connects the Israelites, the King, and the Lord. Samuel warns them that if the people and King cannot abide to the Lord’s wishes then the Lord will sweep them away.

        This passage reveals the hand of the Deuteronomistic historians blatantly.  Deuteronomy is shown to its readers as a covenant to Yahweh from the Israelites. Yahweh is the ultimate ruler of the people and the people are required to live according to the Lord’s law. In 1 Samuel 12, the Israelites appoint a King to be their ruler. Samuel makes it known to the people that if the King obeys the Lord and they serve the Lord with all their hearts, it will be allowed. There is no other ruler greater than Yahweh; his law overpowers any other source of authority which includes kings and other royal officials. This passage is shown as Deuteronomistic because this is a conditional promise with the Lord. If the people obey him, they will be at peace but if they do not then the Lord will sweep them away. The Deuteronomistic history explains all of Israel’s ups and downs, their faithfulness or disobedience; the story of Samuel shows the recurring disobedience to the Lord.


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