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Organizational Behavior

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I was graduated from pharmacy faculty and ı wanted to study master degree about marketing at UPF. After graduation from master degree ı would like to work in a pharmaceutical company as a product manager. To be successful as a leader or manager I need to understand how to use my power and influence tactics effectively. First of all ı need to recognize my personal qualities that lead to use my personal power. If I use my skills, I will have ability to turn challenges into accomplishments. I can say that I am really hard working and always know my goals and planning and organazing my life related my aims. I never want to be lazy and waste my time so that ı can focuse easily. If I can use my time efficiently ı can do many things and I can save my energy. I feel confident in my ability to accomplish things and strong. In order to succeed, I need ambition, which means I need to study and work hard, make sacrifices, and persevere when things aren’t going well. While studying my classes also I am learning Spanish here to be able to understand culture and meet new people. If  manage to learn Spanish, I hope to make internship in Barcelona. Because I want to work here after finishing my master degree. Barcelona is an important location in terms of pharmaceutical development. Finally ı can say that If I manage to understand myself properly, I will rise to my true potential. I need to start infusing my life with awareness and take conscious control over my systems, start the process of understanding all the aspects of my being and get them back in alignment. If start getting myself aligned, I will take control of my life and be successful happy during my life.


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