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Medical Field Uses a Crm Program

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CRM Project

Stephanie Doran


Oct 22nd 2018

Simone Mathieu

CRM Project

CRM discusses exercises, technologies, and stratagems which establishments used to maintain and examine consumer communication and information through the customers period within the establishment, combined with the goal of cultivating successful business affiliations with consumers, supporting consumer preservation and motivating sales development. The term, Customer relationship management focuses on reaching customers and keeping their needs or wants to be met so they feel satisfied and will stay loyal to one company. Increasing the customers’ satisfaction is the motivation behind CRM. In effect there is an expansion in consumer constancy, this creates an increase in consumerism. 

A diverse array of software is available to help organize and keep track of CRM. An ideal CRM software system should give a complete view of all the customer information, for example, trades, promotion, consumer relations, and the Internet.  Amongst having an immense amount of information needed on each customer, it should also correlate the front office with back office information so massaging data is easy between the two. This makes viewing data between the two more efficient, which will help with the important decision-making.  

Medical Field Uses a CRM Program

They have adopted CRM as an appropriate process to help control the risks that exist in the health industry. They have projected it as the solution to mitigate human errors that exist in the medical field. Similar to the aviation field, the medical field faces significant risks that can devastate if they do not control it. Training clinicians and support staff of health institutions should consult the following elements of CRM:

Increase accurate and timely communication among the health staff during a particular operation or incidence. These experts highlight that most of the fatal cases that occur under various health operations are caused by some communication breakdown between the staff members within or behold the medical institution (Flin and Maran, 2015). Such a communication channel also involves the support staff and their connection to the health operation. The aim of CRM is to ensure that all the clinicians and support staffs work on a common goal effectively to achieve the goals of the health operation and mitigate the risks and errors that may arise. 

Quality, Efficiency, and Safety of the health services: The aim of such authorities as Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is to ensure that the health services offered in the country are of high quality, meet various regulatory standards and the services are offered in the most effective way. It orients Crew Resource Management towards ensuring that the services offered are offered in the most effective way. It explores various tasks that are carried out from time to time and the risks and errors that are associated with such services. They focus this evaluation towards ensuring that people involved in carrying out such tasks can carry them out with minimal errors. It also ensures that a person is able to identify the risk and handle it in the most effective way.  


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