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How Authority Impact to People Physiology?

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Many historical examples seem to confirm the old adage about how power corrupts a person. And not only history books, but newspaper publications are full of frightening reports of leaders who know neither conscience nor honor. However, is the proportion of immoral people in the higher echelons of power really so increasing when compared to the overall picture? In recent years, there have been social studies trying to answer this question.

The answer, as often happens with answers to such questions, turned out to be vague: "situations are different." However, one thing is clear: studies have confirmed the influence of power on the psychology of personality. Having felt the power, the person begins to think, feel and act not as those who consider themselves powerless.

There is also a lot of empirical data on how people abuse their power — large and small-scale (we are talking about its different types — the advantages of a large income, high position, belonging to a privileged class or simply the possibility of a wider choice in certain situations). Such people lie more often and are more often rude. The driver of a luxury car rarely misses pedestrians, and experiments have shown that representatives of the upper classes are more likely to lie in negotiations and cheat to win.

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Not only do these minions of fortune often deceiving, it is more and is easier. Research project of colleagues from Berkeley, Business school. Kellogg and Columbia University (the results of the project are currently being rechecked) showed that people accustomed to power lie more skillfully than those who do not have such an advantage — that is, high-ranking liars are less likely to be exposed by the audience.

Why does the government generate a tendency to neglect ethics?Previous studies have


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