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Hockey Case

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I know a lot of people that like hockey just for the fighting aspect, but it could really hurt some players.

Many teams have, goons, or bigger players that purposely fight to try to get the team motivated.

In the NHL, there is only a 5 minute penalty. Doesn’t really hurt team because the other team gets one too.

Have made improvements: If you keep on fighting after the refs have separated you, you have the possibility of fines and suspension from future games. You can’t use sticks, gloves, skates, or helmets so as not to injure the person your fighting.

In younger leagues, they should make the player go to the game but not be able to play. So if you have a travel game, you should still have to go but you have to sit on the bench.

Problem is this doesn’t really prevent fighting, it just makes it shorter.

Major European and collegiate hockey leagues give multi-game suspensions on top of the ejection in those leagues. We should also automatically eject the player and give them a fine.

Injuries of the hands and face to lacerations and eye injuries. Some people have even died like Don Sanderson from Ontario's Major League Hockey, died from a head injury received during fight.

Many kids see it on TV and try it in their younger leagues, and so it is promoting violence among young

Anglo gave its staff a 22% pay rise, and tried to get them back to work. They sent two ultimatums, but still 12,000 people refused to come to work. It will be very hard to run a mine successfully with 12,000 less people than you had before.

The protest cost Amplats 39,000 ounces of platinum, worth £51m.

After only a few weeks of unrest, 34 people were killed.



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