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Current Legislation

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Current Legislation

Human trafficking is a state wide epidemic. In Michigan women, children and even men are forced into sex work with little or no pay. Human trafficking is a really a form of slavery. Michigan, specifically Oakland County is leading the fight against this horrific crime by establishing tasks forces to eliminate this horrific crime. One of the initiatives was to establish a special unit to prosecute human traffickers. This is when the Oakland County’s human trafficking task force was created.

The Oakland County Human Trafficking Task Force was set up to raise awareness in human trafficking. The duties include providing information to law enforcement, social services, health care and educational agencies about human trafficking. They review current services that are available to victims and try to see what can be done to improve the current materials available. The task force plans events to bring more awareness to the community. The task force is partnering with the Department of Human Services to provide informational materials to assist victims with accessing available programs and services. The human service workers are going to plan, coordinate and implement community events to expand awareness, provide education and training, and prevent human trafficking.

Human service professionals are an important part of human trafficking survivors. All victims deserve to feel safe and supported. Quality of life care, understanding responses, and essential living services are needed to help survivors overcome their traumatizing pasts. Creating conditions of trust and respect will help victims turn their lives around and help them move toward independence and self-sufficiency. Human trafficking victims typically need numerous types of emergency and long-term services. These could include intensive case management, victim advocacy, emergency housing, food, medical care. Most victims would benefit from mental health treatment, and substance abuse treatment. Helping obtain employment


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