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Dynamic Fotography – Assessment of Current Situation

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Subject: Crafting a Strategy

Date: April 3, 2011

Business Brief

Dynamic Fotography – Assessment of Current Situation

According to year 5 financial statements, production, and operational reports Dynamic Fotography is in an average to weak competitive position. There is tremendous room for growth in the Asia Pacific and Europe-Africa markets. Dynamic Fotography is performing at about average levels in the North American and Latin America markets.

Dynamic Fotography's Financial Condition

Financially Dynamic Fotography at or below industry averages in production and operating efficiency. However, Dynamic Fotography is performing at or above industry averages in net profit margins, debt-to-equity, and return on equity areas.

Areas That Will Require Improvement

Dynamic Fotography co-managers will have to develop a clearly defined strategic plan, one that incorporates a strategic plan that improves upon production efficiency and strives to achieve maximum market share.

Co-managers will also have to determine the correct product mix for each of the four regions served. This will include increasing production capabilities of workforce, capacity, and efficiency of both the workforce and asset management.

Co-managers will have to determine the best approach at reducing production per unit costs and warranty costs. They will also have to Increase product awareness and imaging rating for Dynamic Fotography so that consumers know that Dynamic offers the highest quality product at the most value for multi-featured cameras and the lowest cost in the market for entry level cameras.

If successful the co-managers will positively impact and increase revenue, earnings per share, return on equity, and stock price of Dynamic Fotography. This will further Dynamic's public image and increase market share in the long-term making it a viable and profitable company.

Business Goals and Objectives

The overall objective of Dynamic Fotography is to determine the correct mix and balance of camera components which lead to the most favorable outcome in this competitive industry. In order to offset the cost structure of the multi-feature camera, a low cost structure for the entry level camera will be implemented. This will achieve a differentiated, high end multi-featured camera, offset by a low cost leader entry level camera.

The strategic goal for the entry-level camera is as follows: Low cost strategy, minimal features, low per unit costs on core components and assembly, achieve being market leader with high sales volume a lower P/Q rating but high image rating.

The strategic goal for the multi-featured camera is as follows: will be a high quality camera,


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