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Community Reinforcement and Family Training

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Community Reinforcement and Family Training

Western Michigan University

Dennis J Hengstebeck

March 23rd, 2012

ADA 6410

Addiction in Family Systems

TIP Assignment #3

Dr. Sophie Rubin

Description of Therapy/Intervention

CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) is a non-confrontational approach to getting a loved one to enter addiction treatment. It is an approach designed for the concerned other (spouse, family member, friend), who is seeking assistance in getting their loved one help. CRAFT can also help the person you are concerned about reduce their substance use, even without their direct cooperation. CRAFT is successful in getting people into treatment by a three to one margin over traditional intervention strategies.

CRAFT is motivational rather than confrontational. Concerned Significant Others (CSO) learn how to motivate loved ones to change, by rewarding sober activities and discouraging activities that include drugs or alcohol. The motivational approach to getting a loved one into treatment leads to a lower percentage of relapse. When the reasons not to use outweigh the reasons to use, people are more likely to enter treatment. CRAFT training provides CSO’s with skills to help shift the balance in favor of not using and entering treatment.

CRAFT, as an evolution from traditional CRA, appears to have lower drop-out rates, and a higher success of CSO and IP involvement


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