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Children Development

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Children Development

I do not have the same emotional mindset as I was a little infant lying on my mother hands in the hospital or any in between now. The state of emotional growth as a children is growing through it life. As they start to grow they will experience new emotional growth. Childrens are moral soul, that can be used to learn different type of emotional growth. These emotional growth are sadness, happiness, fear.

Infants cry when they are in need of care from their mother. It hard to say how their emotional state. Odle said, “Debate continues as to exactly when emotions appear in infants.” As Odle pointed out there is a huge debate of when infant become aware of their emotion and if they do it on purpose. I feel that infants do understand their own emotion from birth. How? Well they cry when they are in need, and once the mother comes to pick up the infant; the infant stop crying. They are feeling sad inside of them when the mother does pick them up, they will start to cry. As the infant grows up they start to understand more about their emotion. May the infant, now are three year’s old and wanted candy, however the parents doesn’t allow it. The child will start to cry on purpose just to make the parent feel guilty for not getting him any candy. The child learn how to become sad when he need to and also sometime it not on purpose. For example, the mother left for a work meeting far away for a few weeks, the child will start to get sad over time and become lonely. Essentially, the emotional growth of sadness can also be these words also, guilty, abandoned,despair, depressed, lonely, bored, empty, and many more words to be listed.

Infant have grown to feel happiness differently as they encounter different situation in their life. From the moment the infant are born, they lay in their mother hand full of happiness. however, some infant would still be crying on the mother hands. We would say


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