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Assignment Child Care

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Child Care

Imagine you are trying to decide on a childcare for your own child. Using points discussed in the lecture, any scholarly resources, credible online sources, and your own experiences and values, list some pros and cons for each type of child care. In many cases, families use a combination of these types of child care, but for this assignment you should consider this type of child care as if it were the primary type of child care. Under points to consider, list a few issues relevant to child development (e.g., age of infant, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development). You make take up more space than is provider for you here.

Child Care Type Benefits (pros) Barriers (cons) Points to Consider

In-home: parents

The positives of having parents in-home care are that the parent and child get to interact more, it’s cheaper, and the parent has full control over the care that is provided. The parent would be able to provide a more affectionate approach to care. The child may have trouble having a sense of autonomy. There may be less interaction with other children around the child’s age. The parent may not be able to work at all. The family situation is important, such as if the parent is a single parent, whether one parent is happy with not working or working less.

In-home: relative, grandparent

The parent usually knows and trusts this relative more than formal care providers. This type of care is cheap and potentially free. If the relative is being paid, the money stays in the family. Relatives are usually more flexible. The same issues with in home parent care would occur here, as well. If the grandparent were too old or disabled


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