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Adjustment Case

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Adjustment Case

This paper is about people who are dealing with major adjustment issues in their life. I will describe the best evidence-based strategies that help them deal with the major adjustment issues.

Major Adjustment Issues

Evidence-based strategies are from a systematic review of published literature that shows how effective the evidence-based strategy is for major adjustment issues. The first story that I read was, “Nightmares and Darkness Follow Marine Home from Iraq War.”

In 2003, Marine Cpl. Jeff Lucey was a convoy driver in the Iraq war. Later in 2003, Jeff returned home. Everyone said he seemed like he was the same person when he came home. On the inside he felt like a different person. All of his family went to his mom’s on Christmas Eve, except Jeff. His sister went to see if everything was ok later that night. When she arrived at his house, he yelled at her ‘Don’t you know your brother is a murderer?’

Jeff wouldn’t leave his room anymore. Jeff’s dad said he came back from work one day and saw the cellar door open. When he went to see why it was open, he saw his son hanging from one of the beams. Jeff was 23 when he committed suicide. His family never noticed how emotionally wounded he was on the inside (NPR Staff, 2014).

The second story that I read was, “Once Homeless, Family feels’ blessed to Wake up another Day.” This story was about a couple in 2007, who had lost everything when the recession started. Sherry and Franklin Gillard owned their own business and house, and in 2013 lost everything when they were drowning in debt.

Sherry said workers from her work would volunteer at the homeless shelter they were staying at. She said the nights when they would come help serve the dinners, they would have to miss out eating dinner that night. She said she was so embarrassed and ashamed to be homeless. Now there family is living in transitional housing and are looking to find a permanent home. At least now, they can eat dinner with their boys every night, and know how blessed they are just to be able to wake up one more day (NPR Staff, 2014).

Adjustment Issues in each Story

The major adjustment issues that were discussed in story


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