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Utopia: My Stance Towards “the Ideal Society”

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Utopia: My Stance Towards “The Ideal Society”

The intention of an ideal society is consisted of a group of people who live in a well functioning population that contain the necessities to live a fulfilled life. At least, this is how I vision my Utopia to be comprised of. The definition stated by Merriam-Webster expresses the definition of utopia to read, “a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions.” Therefore, I believe a society must include appropriate and equal regulations in the categories of family/religion, education, and legal system/government. I consider my following ideal society to be a feasible one because of the organization and essentials to the everyday life that are accomplished.

Firstly, family and religion are essential to a human’s mental, physical, and emotional health. For this reason, many people will be encouraged to have strong family structures and have a family when they become adults at a stable and suitable time. Having a strong family makeup will ultimately lead to increased success in the children and of the adults themselves. This also leads into the placement of religion and the importance of it in my ideal society. Religion gives the people something to believe in and a form of spiritual and intellectual belief that they lead in their life. This helps regulate citizen’s behavior and values towards particular rules, laws, and standards. Religion also aids the population with a meaning of life and to pursue to do good within the community. This will essentially lead to a more positive outlook on life and the apathy towards evil actions, thus, creating peace throughout the area. In my utopia, the citizens will be known to be very generous and respectful. Our main focus will be about giving and not receiving; consequently, we will lack the desire of materialistic objects and thoughts.

Equally important, the knowledge of academics and the importance of education within a society is one of the most significant factors that lead to a well developed community. Education will be a requirement for all children starting at the age of 5-6 going through the standard K-12 schooling. There will also be a variety of private schools; therefore, the ability of religion can be taught and is accomplished through the education system as well. The subjects which will be emphasized will include: math, science, english, and history. These subjects will be more prominent because our present and future lifestyles that consist of research filled minds and diverse in subjects that are important to everyday life. Other topics that will be stressed through the system include art and music because our society recommends creative and open-minded citizens. I also


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