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Changes of Society (by Taylor Halll))

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Throughout the past years, society has changed so much that it is essentially based on technology. T.V., internet, movies, phones, and well technology in general is taking control of everything. For instance, if you chose to fake your own death all you would have to do is ask your friends to post their statuses on Facebook or any other social network to R.I.P. so and so and the shocking news reaches everyone.

However, Media communication isn't completely terrible; it is still taking the place of proper communication that should be recognized more often. Face to face conversations is something that should occur when apprehending certain information. When people communicate through technology many things can be misinterpreted such as attitudes and not completely understanding what is being "said". When you accumulate the information through a device of communication you cannot fully comprehend what is trying to be understood. End of story. Another Example of not getting the information that you need would most defiantly include online schooling. This is just an opinion of course.

In conclusion, more personal ways of communication should be practiced to increase intellect in the future of our society. Even though there is no chance to downgrade the level of telecommunication and other forms of communicating electronically, maybe we can learn to practice a little more personal ways of getting information across to one another. Although saying this it is very convenient to send a quick message to one or many people instead of waiting until the moment you might see them.


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