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The Creative Brain

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The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain is a video documentary that gives a new perspective on the meaning of creativity. It was written and hosted by Dr. David Eagleman. The documentary showed different innovators who used creativity as their way to create new ideas and breakthroughs. It taps in the importance of the human brain and how important it is in the creative process. Creativity is not just what you think, it has a broader perspective and it can be linked into different concepts such as failure, imagination and inspiration.  

Animals has been living the same way for generations, but the world keeps on evolving and improving because of human creativity. This human creativity comes from our brain as it has a number of wirings that connects our input and output. Creativity is not limited to art works like painting, it could also be incorporated to science. Dr. Michelle Kline, a nanotechlogist, invented a beautiful scientific instrument out of Shrinky Dinks, a toy that shrunk into small hard plates in an oven. What led Dr. Kline into her amazing discovery is her desperation since according to her, when you’re desperate for success, you brain will force you to be creative. And she is an amazing example of the creative ability human beings to create new pathways and connections. The expansion of our brain leads to existence of the prefrontal-cortex where our human imagination is located. Bjarke Ingles, someone who gives importance on imagination since it’s his secret on why he is one of the top architects in the world. According to him, materializing different aspects is essential and when you have a lot material to work with, you can have a foundation for your imagination. Without imagination, there would be no Empire State of building and this is where creativity comes in the picture, creativity is to imagine the world that the world isn’t yet and considering something that is not yet existing.


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