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Search Engine Stiffle Creativity

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I'm agreeing with the statement stated in topic 3 which states "Web search engines stifle creativity and independent thinking". Nowadays, there is a lot of for-profit organization that have created their own version of search engine, like Google typically. In a positive way, search engine do help us in manoeuvring our daily life such as cooking, DIY, works, and almost every aspect of our life! But if we rely too much on search engines, in the end, we inhibit our neuron to think about solving problem while relying on "creative Mr Google" to do it for us.

Let's have a look at normal, daily, student problem. Assignment. For some students, it may be hard to complete the whole task by reading each and every single line in the instruction paper. So, some of them choose the easy way to do it which is by typing the key phrases of the assignment in the search engine and everything will come out easily. With this method, the student won't be able to go through the process of learning, which requires the student to identify the problem, process, analyse and solve the problem themselves. This process of thinking is essential for the development of the student's way of thinking.

Relying on search engine clearly limits the creativity of a student in academic point of view since it did not engage the student in a mode of thinking. When they immerse themselves in the mode of thinking, day by day, they will develop this skill slowly and immensely help them to engage in the same mode in the future. Once these students become grown-ups, they are more likely to success in their life and have a better survival skill.

The search engine company may generate billion dollars every year, earning them from advertisement and the heavy web traffic running through their site. Yes, it definitely helps the world to be a better place to live in, but what is the use if we sacrifice our creativity?


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