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The Creative Brief of Kappa

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Background, research and product information

How did this brief come about? What product or service are we talking about and why? Provide as much information as you can about the product or service on offer.

In the early 70s,Italy had a profound social and cultural change. In this reformation, clothing also met with the new way of life and Kappa is the product of this revolution. Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT, kappa previous company name), already a leading manufacturer of socks and underwear in Italy, aimed at the timing of the rise of young and casual culture, created two new brands- Robe di kappa and jesus jeans. Both the casual wear and jeans as the main products of the brand, combined with innovation and bold advocacy tool made it quickly get space in the world successfully. ‘Kappa Sport' shortly after referred to as Kappa, as a remarkable brand of youth market has also become a powerful weapon to promote the beauty of human nature and flying personality. In 1993, Kappa was acquired by a consortium called Basic Properties and was given full financial support from a fashion brand called Benetton which made kappa more powerful and become Europe's largest privately owned sporting goods group. On 9th February in1999, Kappa got access to one the world's top team-the Italian national football team and became its sponsor which made Kappa fame greatly increased.

As one of the world's largest sport brands, Kappa sponsors a list of sports stars and teams, and a wide range of European football teams try to make dreams come true wearing Kappa. This goes for, among others, Italian Sampdoria and Brescia,Dutch Feyenoord, German Werder Bremen,Spanish Real Betis, Swedish Hammarby and Danish FC Copenhagen.

Kappa's international market development is based on the development and rapid growth of the franchise network of agents. The licensed agents are now part of BasicNet and have the global development goals. As BasicNet can help


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