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Creative Leaders

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Creativity is an ability to generate new ideas, create novel concepts and come up with innovative solutions to different situations. It is a quite important skill to be creative nowadays, because the environment is very competitive. Creative leaders inspire action; they set the pace for development and drive innovations. People such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Sergey Brin succeeded in identifying the need and offer a complex solution, thus they have used their creativity skills to boost the progress.

One of the most common traits for creative individuals is curiosity. As Bernard Show said, “I dream things as they never were and ask, "Why not?" Creative people are curious to try out something different, and they follow inner feeling in making decisions. At a young age, everyone is excited to try unknown things. We used to learn by doing and nothing prevented us from accomplishing our wishes. Creative people also have very broad imagination; their rich mental life stimulates fantasies about ideas. Moreover, creativity usually involves dealing with complex problems, so there is a need to analyze alternatives and deal with a large amount of information. Other traits include ambiguity, ingenuity, persistence and motivation. All people can develop these characteristics through constant work and evaluation of behavior, although for some it is a natural way of life.

I believe that creativity lies in a human nature, and this is something most of us have from birth. However, same as leadership or any other skills, abilities and even talents, it is possible to nurture. There is also a concept that the human brain has two sides, and the right one is responsible for creativity. Novelty is a function of cognitive variation, so it is possible to increase the probability of creativity by increasing variation within the range of normal cognition.(Amabile, 2006) Neuroscientists have been trying to research different abilities of the brain,


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