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Mind Vs the Brain

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We usually perceive the mind as the brain and body as something physical. The mind may be better known and understood when one is thinking. When thinking, the mind is made up purely of thoughts and the body is an extension. The mind is telling the body what to do. The mind is a mental entity and the brain itself is the physical body. Although it is not possible to have a mind with out a brain, the mind and brain differ in which one is mental and the other physical. Together the mind and body are like a foundation. Empirically we know that the mind needs a brain to exist, but the mind is not a physical substance. Technically, a brain is useless unless it has a mind. Anything with shape, mass, and other physical properties characterize the physical. On the other hand, substances without any size, shape, mass often characterize the mental. There are many differences between the mind and the brain.

The mind is creative. As read in The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, he states, "In the Infinity of Mind, there is nothing but Mind and what Mind does- Its operations. The Mind is acted upon by our thought, and in this way thought becomes the law of our lives."

Our minds lead us to believe things about our bodies and that is they have limitations that we may think are not there. Our bodies seem to be what they are no matter what we think about them. Although you can change your body by changing your body image, you can never become the ideal person you think you can be. Thus, our bodies seem to exist and be what they are independently from what any mind thinks they are. Are bodies are physical and can not be changed because we can see them change in our mind. The body can be controlled by the mind to do certain things but the mind can not change our physical appearance.

The main characteristic of the mind is the ability to think. A mind does more than take in information from the world and react to it. The mind has hopes, feelings, and beliefs. It is aware of the world and has feelings and thoughts about the information that it takes in from the world. Minds are non-physical and the thoughts it produces do not have anything in common with the physical. We can see, touch, or hear our thoughts. An idea can exist, but only in the mind; an

idea does not have a physical form. The mind and the brain are extremely complex matters. It has often been debated whether or not the two can even be considered separate. Some scientists and philosophers believe that the mind and the brain are one, in the sense that the brain controls the mind; however, this idea is quite debatable. It is extremely difficult for us to fully understand the mind versus the brain in terms of their respective functions.


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