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Religion and Theology

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Questions Model Practice

  1. The Sanskrit word “Darshan” is translated in English as “Philosophy”. Put your understanding on Eastern Philosophy and Western Philosophy.
  2. “Yoga” is one of the prominent and the most popular theistic philosophies of Hinduism. How does Yoga help an individual to become healthy in terms of spiritual, mental and physical?
  3. Mimamsa and Vedanta philosophy accept six methods of gaining source of knowledge. Explain.
  4. Explain in brief the Six Theistic Philosophy.
  5. Explain in brief the Six Atheistic Philosophy.
  6. The Five Great Vows of Jainism helps in creating peace and prosperity in the society. Explain.
  7. Explain in brief about the management guidelines with reference to Hindu text "Bhagavata Geeta".
  8. On what basis the Indian philosophy is classified as Astika and Nastika philosophy? Explain four Buddhist Nastika philosophies.

  1. What do you understand by religion and theology?

  • Religion is derived from the Latin word religio
  • meaning "respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods".
  • The religion in Sanskrit is translated as dharma which means law.

Religion is:

  • organized collection of beliefs,
  • cultural systems and
  • world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.

And theology:

*Greek word

Theos means "God"

Logos means "word", "discourse" or "reasoning"

*Theology is "discourse about God“

*It is the systematic and rational study of concepts of God.

  1. Explain in brief the concept of polytheism, henotheism, pantheism and monotheism.

Mero understanding ko…if exam ma aako vae maile kasari lekhthye

Polytheism: Poly means many and Theos means god

So polytheism means worshipping of multiple gods and goddesses

Heno means One and Theos means God

Henotheism means having belief in only one god while accepting the existence of other deities

Hindiusim is a henotheism in practice

Pantheism: Pan means All and Theos means God

So pantheism means ‘All is God’

It is quite similar to Polytheism  cuz poly le chai many god ko worship garne vanxa ani Pan le chai  yo earth ra earth bahira vako sabai bhagwan ho vanxa
for eg; Pan says a tree is a god, a book is a god, the sun is god and etc

Mono means one
theos means god

So monotheism means having belief in a singular god only.

Jastai ki muslim haru

Tni haruko lagi Allah nai main god ho, main creator , supreme person ani the lord of he world


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