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The Relation of Science and Religion by Richard Feynman

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A writer uses different strategies to captivate the audience. Richard Feynman uses a humble tone. While Bell Hooks likes to use different quotes. They both have their own way of thinking and they demonstrate it through their strategies. A person with no values and no morals might think that committing adultery is not wrong though it is. To change this person’s way of thinking one has to make them feel in a comfort zone.

In The Relation of Science and Religion by Richard Feynman, he uses a humble tone while talking about the subject of science and religion. “I think you know less of science than I know of religion”, to make the audience feel more comfortable he uses this kind of modest tone. In this quote Feynman is saying that usually one does not know a lot of science because one doesn’t really care, making himself sound humility. He is never against one topic or the other; he puts them together as one. “There are two sources of difficulty in trying to weld science and religion together”, Richard wants one to know the obstacles of trying to put these two topics together. He wants everyone (audience) to come together to an agreement and to open up our minds by convincing each other that we all have our own point of view over these two topics.

Feynman also uses enumeration, by letting the spectators know what he is specifically talking about and making it easier for one to understand it. Another strategy Richard uses is case study and he defines a lot of words, “unscathed; at first perhaps the student may decide that a few little things were wrong, but he often reverses his opinion later, and ends with no fundamentally different moral view”, Richard does this so one can understand what he is trying to tell and let the audience clearly understand the different words or phrases he uses. Stating a lot of facts and defining words and phrases portrays himself as a person who knows a lot about these subjects, which inspires confidence to


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