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Why the Modern Art Is So Bad?

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Movies analysis

The article focus on two movies the first one is called why the modern art is so bad? The second is the art assignment of I could do that done in PBS digital studio. In the first movie, the speaker is male called Robert Florczak of the Prager University who aims at the standards of the art in the current century. The second one the speaker is a female who is called Sarah Green and focus on the present condition of the art and question the possibility of being done by any other person. The movies represent institutions that teaches art in talking mostly of the classical way of finishing the work. The second one is a represents the Museum where Green used to work as a curator and make across various arts in the United States.

The institutions are funded by the government to run all of its activities. Another way of raising funds is through public by posting information about the pain through the social media. The two movies have made a significant impact on the current situation if the art where they provoke the critical thinking. The impression that artist creates in images and the picture it portrays to the viewer. Green discuss the historical art to the present through the lens. For instance, in episode two the stakeout she talks about an artist called Deb Sokolow who is based in Chicago and how she started her style of art and still uses it to date. Robert on the hand talks about the quality and the standard of the art witness by the current generation. He just questions the rule of the art and the implication that can cause. Robert in his argument of the art identifies three descriptors of his ideal classical art beautiful, inspiring, and profound.

Each of the speakers is trying to explain how creativity in the art nowadays seems. I agree, with Robert about his argument of the painting where it should have the three descriptors. The two relate to the discussion of “why I don’t get abstract art” by how most people view things.

In the above, movies it is clear that most people do have different taste on the type of art to choose. Some look at the how the past art is related to present and some of the things that have gone wrong. In the two movies, I am going to agree to focus on why the modern art is so bad? The following are the main arguments that I identified in the film as brought out by Robert. The first one is why only the western art? It was fascinating how he talked about the art of the west and failed to mention the eastern. Examples of the work I was expecting him to say is Japan which has a lot of artwork and has a significant influence on the post-impressionist like Monet. Despite the excellent work he has done in showing the failures of the modern art to me this is the primary shortcoming of the movie. I may argue that probably the length of the film is the reason for not including the Eastern art, but it has a lot of influence modernism and post-modernism. He has entirely left out the eastern technique which is a branch of the artistic expression.


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