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What Music Means to Me

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MarkAnthony Burns

ENG 002 - Fall 2014

Professor Brown

November 19, 2014

Why do We fight?

   In the documentary many Americans were asked why do we fight? Most of them gave the cliché answer “ for liberty and justice, and essentially freedom” but essentially they did not know. This is not just an issue for those asked, but for those across the country because this demonstrates the lack of citizen involvement in our country’s affairs.

   I believe that this film is for the education of those who do not know what is going on in our government. The message being provided here is that decisions are being made with out the awareness of the citizens. Is it because these government officials are not informing the citizens, or is it because they simply just don’t care? Well incidents like 9/11 display that citizens do care, unfortunately it takes an disaster like 9/11 to gain awareness on topics like war and why the country decides to invade other countries. This documentary also gains awareness to voters as well. Sometimes people who are not heavily involved in politics tend to vote based off of the political party they are most familiar with rather than the platform each candidate stands on. I think this film sets the tone for the political climate for America today. America is supposedly a democracy, but instead is ran by those who sometimes are wrongfully elected. The decisions being made today make people question whether the government runs the country for the betterment of the citizens or financial gain. Although this documentary is primarily about war, it serves as an eye opener for other things going on in this country. War is just one of the issues that’s going on that citizens barely know why its going on. Its almost impossible for the average American to be involved in the decisions being made because the many different layers of departments in the government. I personally believe that the government is playing us all, and the whole democracy notion is just a virtual blindfold to keeps us citizens at ease.


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