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Music in Class

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Music is very important in class for it to be relaxing, enjoyable and produce learning. As teacher, I have observed that my students enjoy class when music is involved, obviously, music they enjoy as young people. They enjoy and get relaxed, which I consider, has a positive effect on them to the point that the learning envolved takes place without big difficulty.

When the student is relaxed he/she feels a lot more confident with the environment and the people interacting with him/her and the student is more espontaneous and does not feel so ashamed to answer or react to comments or information, and is not afraid of giving the wrong answer.

There are plenty of studies which support this. Patricia Guth, master in music education from Westminster Choir College, Princeton, tells us about the importance of music in education, "But far beyond providing an opportunity to sing and dance, researchers have shown that a strong musical education provides so much more. Music, for example, develops self-discipline. The child who allots time for practicing each day is known to develop similar habits in conjunction with other subjects as well. Organizational skills increase and the child learns what it takes to be "good" at something." Also, Mark Ben, an expert in music, tells us, "There are some basic reasons that justify the inclusion of music in the elementary curriculum. The first of the reasons is that music serves mainly as an aesthetic or a visual experience. This experience basically involves the observation of significance with the help of sound images rather than all the way through printed communication, discussion, any sort of arithmetical modus operandi, or additional type of expression."As you may see music in class is very important.


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