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Uncertain Dream

Autor:   •  February 19, 2017  •  Creative Writing  •  635 Words (3 Pages)  •  450 Views

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Uncertain Dream

The clock goes tic -tac –tic -tac

But I’m here, still stuck

Feels like I’m running in a treadmill

While others are running ahead with chill

L ike there’s no tomorrow

Like there’s no next time

I still keep moving forward

And risking everything I got

Thinking of those uncertain dreams

That seems like a house of cards

Hard to build, yet collapses easily

Are dreams really like this?

I kept getting scared

Afraid to lose everything

I became more afraid

At this looming sense of reality

Worried of other’s standards of success

I kept myself from being supressed

By other people’s thin judgements

Pressure keeps on coming, tears are falling again

I’m just a girl with a lot of imperfections


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