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The Dreaming of Flying Cars at Lemond

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Vol de Nuit is a project about a new product development at Lemond Automobiles. The idea is to develop a flying car, which is a new concept in the industry and in my point of view can be considered very ambitious. The idea itself is considered to be risky, since there are no prototypes or model for this product, and for this reason the project must be planned accordingly to avoid the project failure. During the analysis of this case, a major threaten to the project will be the breakdown between the team communication flow due to:

• Competition for resources found by the project team during the project development causing a project resistance in the company;

• Differing views of strategic priorities, internal resistance and insufficient relationship management with internal and external partners.

This will give a bittersweet touch in the project and cause a failure and the project team will be facing the challenge of managing an uncertain environment. The success of a project will be determined if the team is able to assist in turning uncertain events and efforts into certain outcomes and promises. In this case however the project management team in combination with Antoine d’ Alsace failed continuously to adapt and implement a successful risk management plan in different phases. They should have predicted the risks that can be considered as Known-Unknowns, draw a plan to manage them and predict the Unknowns-Unknowns and at least be prepared in case of occurrence.

In other hand, the team failed to manage their own human resources causing communication breakdowns in the project, internal friction and different strategies approached to the project. This can be considered to be a result of the project management resistance in the company, and even though Alsace was excited for the project idea he was also keeping a low profile. Since the company had scarce resourced


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