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Glassy Junction: Broken Dream

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I have come to know many in our class from different backgrounds and professions. I, myself, have learned a great deal from not only taking on this coursework but also from my classmates. I feel so enriched from all of the discussion and debates. I only wish I had taken on such coursework before my sad tale that will unfold in this paper.

I will discuss in here about a dream of mine that became reality. That reality was very short lived and has left a bad taste in my mouth forever from pursuing such a dream again. My experiences will come to light for all to read, I just think about all of the things I could have done differently.

I started a restaurant business with my family and a business partner. That partner turned out to be very greedy and corrupt,corrupt; when his intentions came to light I had already been locked into a building contract with a greedy & conniving landlord. Instead of loosinglosing my capital invested into this building, I continued to move forward even though I knew nothing about running a restaurant. I involved my family members to help in this debacle that was suppose tosupposed to be my golden goose. My golden goose turned out to be a racehorse that never won anything but instead ate all of my savings & set my family relations back a lot. One day, I found enough courage to wake myself out of this bad dream and to do this day I have always thought, I wished I had been more prepared.

Glassy Junction: A dream that became reality

I had always been a hard working 9 to 5 guy. I had never taken a short cut in my life or unnecessary days off from work. I have a supportive wife who is also a 9 to 5 gal, and 2 boys who are in the healthcare field. I have supported my boys through all of their college and postgraduate needs. My wife and I earn an average middle class income and our savings were meant to help pay for our boys' marriages and our trips to visit my homeland. Before our savings could ever be put for such use, I had befriended a cook at a restaurant in a small town in Illinois. That cook and I talked about business a lot over the course of our brief friendship. I had been looking to invest some of our savings into a business that would double or triple my investment. Such were the guarantees of this cook who already ran the only Indian restaurant in this town and was looking to expand his operations. I was hooked and we became partners. I finalized a contract for a building in that town and was eager for this business to open. Before such a thing could happen, I started to learn more about the person I had partnered up with. I learnedt of his treachery when he tried to finalize the final building contract under the sole ownership of his name in my absence at the meeting with the landlords when it was my capital alone that was being invested.


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