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Dream Case

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In this society, everyone wants to find dream job such as accountant, lawyer, politician and so on. Also, they hope earn a great deal money in their job. However, you can see successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Is it fully justified or unfair? Each person has different position.

Some people think it is fully justified because the successful sports player spends a lot of time and spirit in training everyday. It is not easy for us to do it. When they are in child, they have go through hard training and participation in open competition. Their target is wins the competition and get the prize for their parents and always face to different competitors to improve their technique so they have a lot of pressure from their instructor and parents. If they lose in open competition, they will feel very disappointed. Although they sometime lose the prize, they do not give up halfway. That's why the successful sports professions can earn more money than other important professions.

Another people think it is unfair because other important professions also have effort. The difference is successful sports professions use physical strength and other important professions use professional knowledge. For example, the lawyer is not easy to do because they have highly educated. Their target is helps people to solve legal problems so they need more knowledge and necessary remember the regulations. Another example is teacher, who have patient to teach their students. They always prepare content of courses in their free time. You can see other important professions also spend a lot of time and spirit and it is not easy for us to do it.

In my opinion, successful sports professionals can earn more money is fully justified. How many people can do the successful sports player? I think not many in the world.


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