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Broken Chain

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Frostie and I were walking down the street on Halloween night when we show these two beautiful girls. There were dressed in shiny gypsy costume with red lipstick and flowing black hair. Frostie and I were all like.

"Man those girls are looking fin we should go over and talk to them" Frostie said. I was sort of nervous but I got the guts and walk over there and ask them to go trick or treating with us. When we were done Frostie and I asked them to a movie tomorrow and the said yes. The next day I got tidied up and rode my bike to the movies. Frostie and I bought the tickets and sat on the curb. We waited for an hour for them and they didn't show.

We were frustrated I rode my bike home upset. When I got home I took a nap on my bed when my little brother Alfonso came in. he ask me if he could use my bike because he was going on a date. When he described her I sounded like the girl that stud me and Frostie up so I told him no. The next day Alfonso ask me again and I told him that I was going to catch frog with Raymondo. I went out and rode my bike to the creek with Raymondo.

"Why are you sad bro" Raymondo said. I was feeling really bad about not letting Alfonso use my bike so I left and rode my bike when I saw Alfonso in the bushes outside of the girls house. I went up to him and said.

"Hey bro I got a lot of frogs do u want to still us my bike." He was so happy he gave me his $5.00 so now he got his girl and I got 5 dollars so everything went right.


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