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Analysing a Piece of Instrumental Music

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The entertainer---- Scott Joplin

Analysing a piece of instrumental music

Full title

The entertainer


Scott Joplin

Key Signature

C major and F major

Time Signature



No fast


The first four bars


Bars 1-4

bars 5-21

bars 22-38

D.S. al Coda

Bars 41-57

Bars 58-61

Bars 62-78

Introduction 1

Section A and repeat

Section B and repeat

Section C and repeat

Introduction 2

Section D and repeat

Features of introduction 1

Notes in introduction is descending scale so and player play these notes in an active way.

Features of section A

Play in a way like dancing and keep the left hand softer, play loudly in bar 6 and 7, bar 14 and 15 to make a contrast with the other bars in section A.

Features of section B

Play with crescendo and diminuendo when the bar without chords.

Features of section C

Play soft of the bar 42, 44, 50 and 52, and play loud of the bars with chords. Make a contrast between these bars.

Features of introduction 2

This part is a link between section C and section D, this part should be played a little bit louder.

Features of section D

Making obvious contrast between each two bars and finish with strong power.

Classical ragtime is a kind of ragtime composition created by Scott Joplin and the Missouri school of ragtime composers. The main characteristic of the piece in classical ragtime period is the right hand playing a syncopated tune and the left hand plays a simple regular line of alternating bass notes and simple chords in the same time. The tunes and rhythm like foot-tapping and with a lively feeling.

Certainly Scott Joplin is the best-known of all ragtime composers. He was born in around 1867 to 1868 and died in the first of April in 1917. He was the most ambitious ragtime composer who wanted ragtime to be viewed as equal to classical music, so that he added several serious musical forms into classical ragtime period, but that failed to live up to his expectations. The most famous piece that he composed is ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ and ‘the entertainer’.


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