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"vicky Donor" Case

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“Vicky Donor”

Modern technology today allows us to improve our lives and make the impossible, possible. In the field of science and medicine, sperm donation and IVF was discovered. This costly procedure is actually in demand and needed by those who cannot conceive and want to have a child of their own.

Sperm donation and IVF grants life, which makes it acceptable since it is in our moral to love life, to give life and respect life. A baby is given a chance to be born in this world due to these procedures. It is also acceptable because it gives hope and chance to a mother who cannot conceive, a wanting woman who wants to feel motherhood and the essence of having her own family.

The Catholic Church argues that what makes it unacceptable is the fact that pro-creation is not done naturally; it separates the procreative purpose of the marriage act from its unitive purpose. Aside from the Church’s argument, other societies look at it as unethical since the woman is bearing the child of a man who she does not even know, not that of her husband. There are also issues about IVF and Sperm Donation that makes it less acceptable to the community such as: medical concerns, the safety of the procedure and the risks of success and acquiring diseases. Another would be social and identity problem to the child when it grows up. As well as family issues, moral problems and philosophical questions that can bother.

In my opinion, I think Jesus would understand about the IVF and Sperm Donation issue. I think he would be happy because an infertile couple would be given a chance to have a child of their own. But I think he would be a bit disappointed too because in the movie, IVF and Sperm Donation was done by the couples who has ambitious means, wanting a child to save their fortune, wanting to have a perfect child, etc. but just the mere fact of giving birth to a baby in our world, I think


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