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Zara International

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Zara International is challenging the retail market much like how Apple challenged and shaped the cellphone market. However, Zara International has much more in common with Samsung. They both have the ability to have very quick turnaround time and delivery at a global scales. Both of the companies are very responsive to their markets and their consumers demand. Zara International can have a look from the catwalk to retail stores with in just couple of weeks. This is a competitive advantage that Zara has an enormous lead over Gap and H&M. Zara will have introduced about 11,000 new items in a year and its competitors under 4,000 items a year.

It is a clear evidence that Zara International is modeling their classical management approaches based on Scientific Management. They are using a combination of Frederick W. Taylor’s and The Gilbreths approaches. Under Frederick W. Taylor’s theory analyzing work flows to improve economic efficiency and focusing on labour productivity. Zara’s parent company Inditex Group, has shown a proven model that shortens time from order to arrival by an intricate system known as just-in-time production and inventory. This allows Zara to stay ahead of its competition and lead the market in fashion trends.

Some of the components that go into scientific management contain analysis, synthesis, logic, rationality, empiricism, work ethic, and efficiency, elimination of waste and standardized best practices. For Zara to be the world leader in fastest turnaround time in fashion outlets around the world. They must have to exercise and execute all the components with top priority. This is all possible because of Zara’s well trained employees and their distribution center. They are able to notice a fashion trend and within two weeks have updated garments in their stores. Zara’s distribution centres can have items in European stores within 24 hours of receiving an order and in American and Asian stores in under 48 hours.


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