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The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age

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The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age

Amber Greene

Professor Armstrong

Strayer University LEG500

' January 3,2013

Our personal information is always at risk and goes through unimaginable ways of getting it. No matter what advances technology makes there are ways around it. Hackers can be ruthless at cracking codes, finding backdoors, and tactics in fooling secure systems. Google is the largest and most powerful search engine and surprisingly in addition to the information it shares about you on the Internet there is a lot of information that not shared. When using the Google search engine your search history reveals a lot about you like your beliefs, associations and other personal information. Anytime that you are visiting websites cached copies of those sites are saved and your activities links to they call “Internet identity” and remains the Google database for a very long time. Bluetooths have proved to be a helpful device for cell phones and hackers now have found ways to them in stealing people’s information. Many of the new cell phones have Bluetooth by for uses like wireless headsets, in-car connectivity, and syncing for your computer. This device allows hackers to do many things with this automated process being so simple in just walking around for as long periods of time collecting as much data as possible and then manipulate it. After the software hackers use searches and connect to a susceptible Bluetooth capable cell phone and began to download things like information from your address book, daily agendas and information off SIM card by phone calls using hacked device and bug phone. Lastly and you now would probably think different about this particular device a GPS. OnStar’s GPS systems now have the ability to collect your GPS location information and speed at any time for any purpose. OnStar now has abilities in the selling of personal information and other information to third parties which included any type of law enforcement. To make matters worse after canceling services OnStar will still continue to collect and sell your information until data connection is shut on the vehicle when canceled.

Many companies are using social networking sites for the purpose of recruiting and hiring potential employees. Advantages help screen candidates; provide unique recruiting opportunities for employers, candidate diversity, and contacting candidates directly. Disadvantages of this are employees being misrepresented to employers than presenting themselves as being competent and worthy of the job, the convenience of being able to pull up an applicant's online personality, without having to meet face to face and lastly discrimination of information based upon sex, race,


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