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The Article Review - ‘bring the Glow'

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The article, ‘Bring the Glow’ written in the New Straits Times at the Health section. The author, Sushma Verra is the writer from the New Straits Times itself. She wrote the article on June 27, 2011. In this article, Verra share with the reader how to have a great skin, feel sexy and confident about us. The purpose of this article is to inform the public the importance of having a smooth and glowing skin. The purpose of this article is to inform the public the importance of having a smooth and glowing skin.


The article is about the ways to achieve a smooth and sexy skin. Healthy eating plan is the best way to bring in the glow and anti-aging in which better go for natural look. Healthy skin can also be maintained by antioxidants which occur naturally in bright vegetables and fruits. Other than that, certain nuts and fish serve as natural moisturisers, making the skin glow. Next, a healthy digestion is also essential for a great complexion as whole grain contains fibre and it is good for digestion. Sufficient intake of water can improve the skin too, as it acts as a role of good hydration. Besides that, regular exercise and enough sleep can make the face rejuvenate the skin. Furthermore, an unhealthy lifestyle should be avoided to prevent from having skin problem. Eat smart and watch out the food intake. Most important is making the right food choices towards promoting good health. You should have a proper care to your skin in order to achieve younger-looking skin. This can be improved by exercising regularly, reducing stress, getting a good rest and sleep early. You should make an effort to protect the skin from the sun.


F.H. Mawji, Shanaz (2011), Vice-President of Malaysian Dieticians’ Association, as mention in the article that eating the right food can bring the glow toward the skin. Firstly, with healthy eating plan, it will improve the skin; yet can slow down the ageing process. A great healthy skin can be achieved by eating vegetables and fruits for antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. next, healthy digestion will give a great complexion. Plus iron and vitamin B should be included for breakfast such as whole grains. Drinking more water will keep the skin hydrate, healthy, young and radiant. Thirdly, unhealthy lifestyle which is lack of sleep, stress, under nutrition and lack of water consumption will affect the skin. Supporting Shanaz view is Dr. Koh Chuan Keng, President of Dermatological Society of Malaysia. Dr Koh explains the problem in maintaining the glow due to poor


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