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Some of the Main Issues

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Some of the main issues that contribute to the problems between the luggers and butchers at the Food Merchandizing Corporation are as follows. Firstly, Lack of Good Communication Channel contributes to the problem. The butchers are unable to communicate their grievances and complains to appropriate department. Secondly, the obvious or perceived Inequity in the treatment of the luggers and the butchers is another factor that fuels the conflicts. Thirdly, the Development of the Groups, the two club also contributes to the problem. Last issue is Conflict Management. The way and manner that the manager and other leaders at the company manage the conflicts between the luggers and butchers aggravates the problem.

All these issues will be discussed with references to scholars’ perspectives, researches, and empirical and comparative analyses. Also, appropriate recommendations will be proffered based on scholars’ opinions and findings.

Lack of Good Communication Channel

Okafor & Osakinle, 2014, said that communications is very important in any relations. So, lack of it or ineffective communication can therefore be a problem in any relationship. They said most the conflicts in any relationship are either as a result of misunderstanding or inadequate communication.

According to Okafor & Osakinle, 2014, good relationship is very important for human coexistence and livelihood. But at the same time, conflicts is unavoidable. Conflicts in their words are simply the clash of opposing ideas, opinions, goals, need and so on. Though many people think of conflicts as a negative concept, it can be positive when it brings about positive results.

Okafor & Osakinle, 2014, said further that communication which sharing of message between the sender and receiver is very important in conveying one’s thought and opinion. Then, at effective communication is the one that affects the receiver to respond to or do what the sender aspire. This has the effects of passing the information from the employees to the authority and expect reactions or feedbacks. Since most conflicts are as a result of misunderstanding or miscommunication, effective communication is therefore one of the key solutions to address this.

Bornstein & Gilula, 2003 saw the conflicts between groups in term of games. One game is that of assurance when group compete because of fear and the other games is called game of chicken if greed is the reason behind the competition.

They said that when the communication is within the group the conflicts is more difficult to result than when the communication is between the groups. They therefore conclude communication to people outside the groups can help in resolving the conflicts earlier.


Abraham, 1999 in his study critically examined how differential


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