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Discuss the Main Managerial Issues and the Impacts of Toronto Pearson Airport

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Executive summary

One of the aims of this report was to discuss two major issues that Toronto Pearson had to deal with in the recent years. Through analysing the importance of Informational technologies in the management of modern airports and taking into account particular computer problems the airport had the report came to the conclusion that IT should not only be taken as an advantage but the potential problems that could occur should be discussed and a plan of action developed before they occur. Another major issue Toronto Pearson faced in recent years was the bad weather. Weather in Canada can be particularly severe in the winter and that could cause big troubles for the airport, such as icy runways or diesel turning into a jelly-like substance. Although the weather is not a human factor and could be very unpredictable the airport management have developed a plan of dealing with harsh winter conditions in the future. The airport already has the biggest plane de-icing facility in the world, and as of 2015 there are 183 people the primary task of which is de-icing the runway.

The report then continues with a discussion of the impacts of Toronto Pearson International on the host city of Toronto. Economically Pearson airport has a major impact on the city and on the whole region, with estimated 277,000 jobs being generated by the airport in the whole Ontario region. The biggest airport in Canada is also accountable for generating almost 6% of the GDP of Ontario. The social benefits of the airport include better connectivity with the world and increased the local’s understanding of different cultures and customs. Pearson International also funds the Propeller project which is a project to help the community near the airport if they need funding for any good idea on how to improve the community around them. Toronto Pearson is considered very environmentally aware especially since their involvement in Partners of Project Green. The project saw 12,000ha of land being created into the biggest eco-business zone in North America. That helped in redirecting 465,5 tonnes of wastage away from landfills and the reuse of 125,5 million litres in the zone.

To sum up Toronto Pearson International is truly one modern airport providing not only economical, but also social and environmental benefits to its host city of Toronto. The airport does not only brings 36mln passengers annually but also brings a sense of community to the city of Toronto.

Table of Contents

Executive summary _        

1.  Introduction        

2. A quick glimpse at Toronto Pearson airport        

3. Main managerial issues currently faced by Toronto Pearson International Airport        


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