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Social Skills

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Skill: Joining In


1. Listen to what the people are talking about to find out what the topic of conversation is.

2. Watch what people are doing to figure out what they are playing or doing.

3. Decide if you want to join in the conversation or activity. Do you want to participate in the game or the conversation?

4. Walk up or lean in to the people who are talking. Wait for them to look at you or wait for the pause in the conversation.

5. Decide what to say. Say, “Excuse me, were you talking about __________?” or say, “Excuse me, are you guys playing ________?”

6. Ask a question about the topic or the game. If it’s a conversation you can ask “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, What Else?” questions.

7. If you want to join the game say, “Can I play too?”


1. You notice two girls playing at recess.

2. You’re sitting next to three girls at lunch who are being very chatty.

3. You hear your sister playing upstairs.

4. Your teacher asks everyone to divide into groups of three. You notice that two of the girls next to you are already in a group of two.

5. You notice three girls are recess talking.

6. You're playing with a friend but would like to join a different group.

7. How do you tell your friend that you want to play with someone else for a bit.