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Research Communication Essay

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Do you think that were losing our sense of togetherness? Facebook is keeping us away from people and outside life itself. This here is why I’m taking my stand in saying that Facebook is now being used as a false proposal for face to face interaction. Those who may argue against my claim might be people who actually do use this to keep in touch with people and organizations that use it for communication purposes before actually meeting up.

I’d first like to jump in by bringing how people misuse the site and are making it a plain example as to why face to face interaction is a much better approach when meeting new people. In this new day and age people are beginning to become more and more deceiving and conniving. For example, an article found in the Academic One File data base entitled “Fake identities in social media: A case study on the sustainability of the Facebook business

model” gives us a prime example of what I am trying to get across to you. The article here states, “The potential of social networks is often misused by malicious users who extract sensitive private information of unaware users. One of the most common ways of performing a large-scale data harvesting attack is the use of fake profiles, where malicious users present themselves in profiles impersonating fictitious or real persons” (Krombholz, Merkl, Weippl pg.175). When this happens it makes you curious about all the other people you could possibly be following through your Facebook web page. When people are trying to get sensitive private information from you they are toying with your sense of pathos your emotions. You never are able to know if the person you’re following is a fictitious character or not because you know and see what they want you to know through a post. You are supposed to be truthful about your information that you set through your profile, but some like to either up their age or use an alias profile picture. Based on practical criteria you would want to know who you’re engaging in conversation with via Facebook and not wanting to worry about if it a predator. Actually meeting that person in person would be more beneficial for communication.

Now in this time employers are using Facebook as an aid in their job interviews as if looking into someone’s personal life can actually declare if they are best suited for a job. This is only showing me that what I do in my own time with friends, family and how I choose to carry myself off the job can insure whether I do or do not get the position. I sort of discriminate against this because if someone does not agree with what is on a persons’ Facebook they can be declined or denied. The sources that I have termed “Web-based screening may lead to bias suits; Experts advise caution as employers use sites to vet job applicants”. This Academic One file article done by (Judy Greenwald) tells us that “I think it's unlikely employers are going to learn a good deal of job-related information from a Facebook page they won't learn in the context of a well-run interview, so the potential benefit of doing this sort of search is outweighed by the potential risk.”  There is no way that you can tell a persons’ work ethic from just viewing a profile. If an employer is able to gather all that information from just looking at a profile and has never met them in person, it brings the question of discrimination into play. If someone had an interview the person who reviewed their application and met with them and knew they were qualified for the job and held all rights to get them job didn’t once Facebook profile was reviewed and saw, they were homosexuals and were denied. The only case of you being able to believe they didn’t was because of sexual discrimination. I would say that for interviews and job callings face to face interaction is the only thing needed. A Facebook profile cannot substitute for the persons’ qualifications or achievements.


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