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Ransom Case

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The sides are blurry all I see is the rush of bland colors. It's too fast. Need…to…get….away….

After our flight landed less than 24 hours later we were in the hospital to enjoy a bringing of new life on this earth for my dear aunt. My poor aunty had many miscarriages and it was devastating every time. Horrible it was bone crushing, heart wrenching and we all told her she would be bestowed another child, but even more beautiful than the last, yet every time we failed. And we all hoped this time it was for real. She truly believed that this time it would happen even the doctor said so, she said, there's a good chance, so come on over.

I never would have thought that my aunt who was about the most real down to earth Christian I ever witnessed, would ever loose faith. But loose it she did, bits fell and became crumbs scattered on the road of life as years went by. She was someone who had the gift of prophecy, and could legitally speak in tongues, even cast out a few demons. That was close she was with The Big Man up there in the heavens. She was so hurt before and now the day of joy had finally come.

My entire family and all our relatives had come to congratulate her and see the new child soon to be born. We were all in a big waiting room since there were so many of us they told the few people in there to go sit in a little room a few feet away from our room. Indian heat is the worst, goodness; all our faces were practically gleaning by the time my uncle called us out.

We all attempted to break down the door to get first to the baby. The adults were watching calmly as us kids fought and pushed. Finally we made it to the door and since I got there slightly before my cousin I got to hold he baby.

Oh my God!! It was the softest frailest being I ever held in my life. Never had I held such a young one before, I means hours old baby. At least all our mommy's taught how to hold babies otherwise this baby would've slipped right out of my hand. It started crying so hard all of a sudden, I got frightened, that I had scared the poor thing. I dipped my hand in some of the milk in a little bowl and put it next to the baby's mouth. Gosh! My heart just got huge at that moment. It was so adorable.

Then the white coat came out with a sullen look on his face. Almost like he was angry, but I wondered at what? He walked over to our group and then started to take the baby from my arms. I protested for a while, I mean who wouldn't want a piece of heaven in their arms?

He really took him away. I asked if could hold for few more moments and the doc just no. He said" let the mother and child spend a little time together, this day is they have it seems…" I didn't understand it at first then I thought oh aunty must be in bad pain, after all she sat thru some hours of labor. So I turned to my mom asked her "Mom is aunty gonna be


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