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Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal communication is your body language and includes facial expressions. It is used to replace or reinforce your verbal communication. Some examples of demonstrative communication are facial expressions, gestures, body language and posture.

Verbal communication is not the only way of communication; people can communicate in other ways besides talking or writing. People can communicate through signals and their movements. When you are talking to someone or someone is talking to you, the sender of the message can tell a lot about how well the receiver is listening and if they understands the message that is being sent. By looking at someone’s body language and facial expressions you would be able to tell if they are interested or not with what you are saying.

If you are talking to someone and that person is not making direct eye contact with you, this may point out that the receiver doesn’t understand what you are talking about or they do not want to hear what you are saying. If the receiver is looking at you but has a baffled look on their face this may point out that they are listening but it might also show that they do not really understand what you are talking about. If the receiver is shaking their head no or yes while you are talking, this may indicate that they understand what you are saying but that they might disagree or agree with what they are hearing.

Body language will also tell you a lot about the receiver and the sender. If the sender is talking to a receiver and they start fidgeting with their hands, or folding their arms this can indicate that the receiver really isn’t paying any attention to the sender and that they just wants the conversation to be over. If the sender is gazing around the room, walking back and forth, or has a nervous look on their faces, this could be point out that they are not very comfortable with what they are talking about, did not prepare for their speech, or that they simply


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