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Nonverbal Communication in "the General"

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Nonverbal communication in “The General”

In the 1927 film “The General,” there is a wide variety of nonverbal communication used. Back in this time it was the way of communicating in films. However now days it was part of everyday dialog. There is a wide use of gestures. The types used include touch, appearance, and touch. Along with these types of nonverbal communication they also used gestures. The types of gestures they used where emblems, adaptors and face and eyes.

The way they used emblems is by using movements or actions that everyone could understand. There are lots of instances in the film where they use emblems to get the point across to the viewers. An example of this is when “Johnnie” is chasing the train while waving his arm at people getting trying to get them to follow him. Not only is this example used multiple times but is it still used to this day. Another example is that this is used is when the Southern Army is retreating and the officer in charge of them gives them the way to follow him as he lead the way back to a friendly area.

That is not the only type of gestures they used in this film. They also used adaptors. Along with adaptors they use manipulators. There is only one time that I can recall this being used. When “Johnnie” is trying to enlist in the army he thinks it is because he is too small to enlist. He starts flexing and feeling his arms and pounding is chest as if he was reconfirming to himself that he is strong and worthy of joining the army. There are other types where he is grabbing his head as if he was thinking of what actions he could take next.

The most important nonverbal communication used in face and eyes. In the time frame that this film was made the only way to express your feelings to the audience was through your facial expressions. There is a point in the beginning of the film in which the love of “johnnie’s”


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