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Michael Phellips Case

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Michael Phelps loves participating in the olympics. He has been competing in the olympic games since he was 16. His first olympics games, in Australia, were in 2000. Micheal was only in one race and he took 5th place. But, in the 2004 Greece olympics Michael made a great comeback by winning 6 gold medals and 2 bronze medals! Michael continued his good swimming by winning 8 gold medals in the Beijing 2008 olympics, beating Mark Spitz record of 7 gold medals and setting the new one at 8! In all of Michael's olympic games he has won 16 medals that is 14 golds and 2 bronze!

Mark Spitz, was a big influence on Michael's career. Mark is not like one of though record holders who says that nobody can beat him and stuff like that. He actually encourages swimmers to try and beat him. Michael and Mark Spitz race all the time and are normally pretty even in a race. Spitz also gave Michael the motivation to come back to the Olympics and to try again. It was because of his motivation that Michael won all his medals and set a new olympic record.

Michael's coach also had a big impact on Michael's swimming life. His coach motivated him to be the very best swimmer that he could be and not to give up. His coach saw that Michael had the potential to be great and he pushed him on a daily bases. They were not just a coach and a swimmer they were best friends. They spent almost all there time together not just practicing or going to swim meets but going to dinner or lunch. He also guided Michael in finding his strength to try again in the olympics and to win 8 gold medals.

Michael's oldest sister Whitney was also one of his best friends. They were close in age and had a very strong bond between the two of them. She initially got him into swimming and they did everything together. They would go roller blading, bike riding and she would even play video games with him. Whitney never really went anywhere with out Michael and she


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