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Management 156 Project

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this paper discusses how your prioritize your operations in a company.

One thing is for certain about your career in operations; there is never any shortage of things to do. As the Chief Operating Officer of your company, Schmearton Technologies there are always more things to be done than there is time in the work day. Fortunately, you are skilled at prioritizing and evaluating what needs to be done. If you can't do it all, then you do the most important things.

You manage a manufacturing plant. The plant produces a product called the travel toothbrush. Today, when you arrived at work, you had several items on your β€˜to do list.' These included:

1. Meeting with a supplier to renegotiate a contract for the toilet paper and cleaning supplies used in the restrooms of your business.

2. Interviewing a candidate for an open position as a supervisor on the production line.

3. Completing the monthly report that is due to your boss. Today is the deadline. To do

4. Inspecting a critical portion of the production line.

5. Meeting with a Community College Professor to discuss an internship opportunity for students late

6. Complete the performance reviews on your direct reports

7. Meeting with the President to develop the long term strategy

8. Meeting with the Director of IT to discuss a recent security breach

Of course, before you have even sat down in the chair in your office a Vice President rushes in to tell you that the delivery trucks that will move this week's production of travel toothbrushes (2,000 cases) did not arrive. 2 Now you have to call the Vice President of Transportation and find delivery trucks to


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