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Lust Case

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He wobbled out of the door, tears puddled in his eyes. Something was dreadfully wrong- my brother was crying. Frightened because he did not cry easily, Mom and Dad rushed to him with open arms. While mom and Dad attended his distress, I turned away. I did not care how he felt. His mouth remained closed; he could not explain himself. We never knew what happened to him. My brother has Down's Syndrome. Medically, that means he has a genetic disorder of the 21st Chromosome, causing unusual flexibility, slanted eyes, difficulty with balance and ongoing list of medical and other difficulties. However, the worst symptom is slower learning. My brother cannot understand everything around him, but with encouragement he makes an effort to understand the world through his eyes. In the beginning, I did not have any sympathy for his situation, and negative thoughts clouded my mind so that I did not love him. Eventually, my mind cleared and instead I wished he was normal and, consequently, because of of the social awkwardness. As I worked through that, I realized he is human being and a loving brother, and I appreciate his presence in social settings. In my journey, I went from hating his very existence, wishing he was normal, realizing his humanity, and finally ending up with him as my comfort. However, in the beginning my mind was clogged with negative thoughts, so no love was expressed out of my heart for him. At all. To this day, trophies crowd his little bookshelf: bike trophies, soccer trophies. My mom sent my brother to countless soccer but mainly bike events. On one bike event, I remember clearly we were in a huge gym crowded with kids with special needs having fun learning how to ride their bicycles. Although the heat was oppressive, beaming children wove among teachers, coaches, and cheering adults applauding their new abilities. Sitting in a dark corner of the gym, away from all the rays of happiness, I scowled. "Why doesn't anyone pay any attention to


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