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The Ancient Olympics

Olympic Origins

The Polis of Elis

• 50miles away on foot, 30miles if you flew

Officials and Administrators

Agonothetes (sponsor)


• 10members

• The entre old gymnasion before sunrise to match the runners and at midday to watch those in the penthalon

• 10months before the actual games 10 would be elected from Eleans and move into hellanodikaion

Agora: market place

Olympic Council

• there were 50 members

Truce Declared

• Truce is effective a month and a bit more before the Olympics

• Every single polis sent a person to sign to the agreement

Participants arrive at Elis

• Pre-Approval

• Trial matches, some withdrawals

• Who could actually have a month off? Almost every Greek had their own properties. They were all independent.

• Athletes meet up with the judges and trainers

• Every athlete was asked questions regarding the ability to play in the Olympics by the judges

• Trial matches: some people withdrew from Olympics after these matches

Site preparation

• Clearing/construction by athletes

Journey from Elis to Olympia

• Take off from Elis two days before the start of the Olympics because they had to arrive at the Olympics by the


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