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Cardinal Health (cah)

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Cardinal Health (CAH): $47,05 / Mkt Cap $14 Billion/$137 Bill Revenue

CEO Mike Kaufmann CFO Jorge Gomez

ABOUT: Global, Integrated Healthcare services and products company providing customized solutions for Hospitals, Health Systems, Pharmacies, ASCs, Labs, and Physician Offices.

We provide medical products and pharmaceuticals and cost-effective solutions that enhance supply chain efficiency

Cardinal Health is a crucial link between the clinical and operational worlds of healthcare, committed to helping customers improve patient outcomes

  • Present in 85% of all US Hospitals.6700 labs with 50,000+ lab products/26K Pharm./3 Mn patients at home with 45K home health products/10K physician offices
  • 50,000 Employees in 46 Countries
  • 14 on Fortune 500
  • Since 1979
  • Sold naviHealth for $737 Million in August 2018
  • Pharmaceutical Segment much larger than medical Segment (75% overall)

[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4]


  • Inventory Management Solutions (OR, Nursing Floor, Improves workflows)
  • Distribution
  • Opti Freight Logistics
  • Presource Services

Pharmacy Services:

Acute Care Pharmacy Management: CardinalASSIST ADM Logistics: Reduce stockouts by inventory

Inpatient/Outpatient logistics and inventory services

Clinical Pharmacy Consulting

Financial Consulting

Pharm Distribution

Regulatory and Compliance

Specialty Pharm Distribution

In the United States, our Pharmaceutical segment:

 • distributes branded and generic pharmaceutical and over-the-counter healthcare and consumer products through its Pharmaceutical Distribution division to retailers (including chain and independent drug stores and pharmacy departments of supermarkets and mass merchandisers), hospitals and other healthcare providers. This division:

• maintains prime vendor relationships that streamline the purchasing process resulting in greater efficiency and lower costs for our retail, hospital and other healthcare provider customers;  A prime vendor relationship, an agreement between a multi‐line distributor and a hospital, streamlines the purchasing process by reducing the number of vendors and paperwork for the buyer.

• provides services to pharmaceutical manufacturers, including distribution, inventory management, data reporting, new product launch support and chargeback administration;


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