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Assessment and Record Keeping

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Understand the use of different assessment methods and the need for record keeping.

Assessment is a process to check the candidate’s level, progress and achievements. It is done in four stages:

Initial assessment is done at the start of course enrolment to check the candidate’s level, so that candidate can be enrolled for the most appropriate course.

Second stage is diagnostic assessment and it is done to know more about individual student. This is also to know about candidate’s prior learning which can be used as a evidence for the current course.

Third stage is formative assessment which is continues assessment to check whether the student has understood or not and also to check the student’s progress .

Fourth stage is summative assessment. It is done at the end of the course. This is to judge the achievement at the end of the course.

There are different types of assessment which can be used to judge the candidates for different courses:

1. Question and Answer: It is asking the oral or written questions to judge the candidate’s level initially and to check the progress during the course.

2. Natural Observation: It is to judge the candidate’s behaviour or performance in real situation like performing daily duties in particular environment .

3. Simulation: It is not real but situation is created. Hypothetical situations like doing first aid during emergency. In such a method, teacher is the observer and a student is reacting to the hypothetical situation.

4. Role Play: Role playis a method where students take part in an activity and they in act the situation where teacher can observe them in classroom.

5. Quiz: This could be done as a part of game and to check the candidate’s progress.

6. Essays / Assignments: This is used to give written work about the topic which includes research and surveys on topic.

7. Peer assessments: This is done by fellow students to evaluate the knowledge of another


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