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Art Appreciation

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As our professor explained our final exam would be, we were all excited. Thinking that we will not be having a written exam on the entire semester, we rejoiced. However, as soon prelim exam is approaching, which is the presentation of our proposal for the service learning, we are wrong. It is kind of stressing because a lot of activities have come to our mind and thinking all of its cost are really heavy for us. Nevertheless, we all come up with the “Line at Work” and “Pet to Pot”. I think it is a great idea since the tittles they made is creative and the outputs are good too. As a finance committee, it is hard to minimize our cost since we need to budget our money. After the presentation, we were all glad because it was a success and ma’am Dizon appreciated it a lot. As the midterms come, the main problem is the fund raising. Since the only product that caught people is the pastillas. Nonetheless, we all tried our best to sell our product. Even us, we always buy our product and we are happy because the result of fund raising is good and we almost cover all of our costs including our transportation. It is also fun to canvas the materials for our activity. We found cheap products as we travel around Angeles City. As the final Exam approaching which is the Service Learning program itself we were all stressed but excited. When the day has come, it is really fun and enjoying seeing the students are enjoying too. It’s just a little embarrassing because our activity is for kids and they are already in grade 12 but it didn’t showed that they were bored. It is fun interacting with them seeing their final output made me proud of them because they all did their best. What made me surprised is the outputs of the boys are really good and most of them won. It didn’t showed that they have the artistic side at first but their output screamed of creativeness.

Art Appreciation is really more than art. It is a way of communicating your emotions and through


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