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Administartive Ethinic Paper

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The administrative ethics have many situations that arise when dealing with the different concepts that follow it such as: patient’s privacy, confidentiality, or HIPAA. The administrative ethics have issues with different individuals in the organizations that make it hard for others to make a moral judgment and have good objectives of judgments being made. The two common strategies or views of administration is that many people that are in the administrative position do not want to abide by the ethics codes, so they should resign from the their spot so that they can put someone there who do understand the reasons for the ethics by the administrative codes.

When trying to make sure that you have a powerful effective establishment, you must make sure that you find a plan that will produce a policy that would be successful to your company. One of the laws that allows companies and professionals to hire people that are qualified for a certain position in their firm, they are able to come immediately and get an interview, which is called the Affirmative Action. And Equal Employment Opportunity. Administrative code of ethics is almost the same thing as the Affirmative Action because it makes sure that the public administration adjusts their decision making in the way of not having so much change to the public interest.

In, 1984, ASPA adopted a code of ethics that drew from all of the normative perspectives. They divided them into sections to explain the codes that reflects the Constitutional values of having, Equal opportunity, which is fairness to one another and also free speech, meaning being able to speak their mind as long as it was in a good tone and everyone got the message across and everyone could agree with it also.

The HIPAA law was passed in 1996 by the Congress, which helped many indidvuals to understand what was right way to send Health data electronic. But nevertheless, there were issues with the public about how where their health information would get kept private from the public for security reasons. If you think about having your own personal information given to someone that you did not give permission to have you would feel like your rights have been validated and you did not give them consent to give out your information regarding to the health problems that you are having. That is why it is good when the Department of Health and Human Services came out with the privacy rule to protect all patients’ information from the public and others individuals who had come across someone information that they should not have.

Also, the law makes sure that data integrity, confidentiality and data security are fully secured by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Now that they were able to pass that law it still took them five more years before the rule became effective which was in two-thousand one of April. Another reason this law was


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