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The Life and Works of Dr. Jose Rizal

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Nikka Abegail F. Ebrada BSECE-3B

The Life and Works of Dr. Jose Rizal

        “The pen is mightier than a sword”. Dr. Jose Rizal had proven to the world, in general and to us, his fellowmen, in specific that this saying is a hundred percent correct and works all the time. Only a great intelligence can defeat greedy and unknowledgeable intruders. Dr. Jose Rizal raised a fight against the Spanish tyranny through his wisdom. The only sword he had used in fighting is pen. He wrote several novels, articles in a newspaper, poems, and even songs dedicated to his fatherland. What he had done really affects the Spanish tyrants that his works were even called a cancer in Spanish government. His advocacy of Philippine Independence is by legal and peaceful way that is why he wrote many books in order to fire-up the revolutionary spirit of the Filipinos. Although, his life did not end well; but, he did end the sufferings of many Filipinos during the reign of the Spain.

        The life and works of Rizal had taught me a lot of things. As a youth, I have learned to love my country as much as I love my family. I also learned from the life of Rizal the importance of taking part of the parents to their children’s morals. I look up Jose Rizal for being humble because of choosing to live a simple life when he could live a luxurious life like everyone of us wanted.

Rizal’s philosophy of education centres the proper motivation in order to strengthen the desire of the youth to cultivate one’s intelligence.   I learned the value of education as a stepping stone towards gaining success for myself and for my country. I made this by an encouragement to myself that education shall not stop within the four corners of the classroom but shall also extend until the corners of the world.  

Jose Rizal, for my own insights, tells me the value of certain things which is important for the success of his life. That is God, family, country and self. I have learned from Rizal’s life that you should make yourself fruitfully. I will make myself grow to wisdom and knowledge to use it in God’s purpose.

Ms. Joan Peconcillo has taught me all of the things about the hero. For that, I thank you ma’am for introducing us to Dr. Jose Rizal. Your way of teaching us is the best way a teacher could deliver the wisdom among your students.  I admire you ma’am and I want to thank you and this subject for making my second semester enjoyful.


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